5 Tips to Keep Your Wicker Baskets in Good Condition

Quality wicker baskets can cost a good bit of cash, especially when purchasing name brand baskets. May people love the look of their baskets, and want to keep them pristine for as long as possible. During normal use, the basket can become damaged if not properly stored and maintained. The following five tips will help you learn how to keep your favorite wicker baskets in good condition for many years.

Tip 1: Dust Regularly
Make a point to dust your wicker baskets regularly. They may not need dusted that often, depending on where you store them and what they are used for, but should be cleaned off occasionally. Do not forget to remove the basket’s contents and dust out the inside as well as the outside. This will remove any residue and dust particles that can accumulate over time on and around the basket. Before replacing the basket, wipe down the shelf or surface it sits on to ensure everything is clean.

Tip 2: Avoid Overloading custom wicker basket flower basket willow b
Never place more items in your wicker baskets than they are designed to handle. You can easily tell if the basket is overloaded if it feels too heavy and cracks as you lift it. If you hear cracking, immediately put the basket down and remove some of the items inside it. Overloading can cause the basket bottom and handle to weaken over time and eventually break. It can also cause the wicker to begin splitting, which can alter the look and structure of the basket.

Tip 3: Keep Away from Pets
It is safe to assume that a basket that is around pets will most likely take some damage. Cats and dogs that do not chew often may only cause minor damage by pawing or bumping into the basket. Other pets may actually try to chew wicker baskets and should not be permitted access to them. Keep your wicker baskets up on a table or counter or in a closet or room where your pets are not permitted to go. This will also reduce the amount of pet fur and dander that can become stuck in the wicker.



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