A Beginner’s Guide To Twitter

Twitter is a social network with some similarities to other social networking sites like Facebook.

It can be accessed on a computer via twitter.com, or on a smartphone via the Twitter app. Twitter could also be described as a “micro-blogging” service. Users can compose short messages called “tweets” which are published and shared with the world.

When you log-in to your Twitter account the first thing you will see is your Twitter feed – an ever-updating list of Tweets from other people.

People use Twitter to keep up-to-date with current affairs, events, and the activities of their favourite celebrities. It’s constantly updated and changing, and gives users the feeling of being ‘on-the-pulse’ – breaking news is often mentioned on Twitter before it appears anywhere else.

Think of it like a constant waterfall of information, where users can decide exactly who they want that information to come from. Twitter is also highly interactive – anybody can write a tweet and respond to the tweets of others.

Differences between Twitter and Facebook Steph Korey

If you are familiar with Facebook (as a lot of people are), there will be some things in Twitter that will seem familiar – you have a profile picture, you can post ‘updates’, you can see the activity of other people and you can connect and communicate with others. There will also be things that are different and may take a bit of getting used to – a few of these differences are listed below:

Everything is public

Unlike Facebook, everything you publish on Twitter is public and can be viewed by anyone in the world. Although it’s possible to make your account private, people generally use Twitter to broadcast their thoughts, opinions and news to the world. It isn’t really designed for one-on-one, personal communication.

You don’t have ‘friends’

You can follow any other Twitter user, without needing their permission or approval. This does not necessarily indicate that you know each other or that you are friends in real life – many people use Twitter to follow their favourite celebrities or brands.

Tweets are short

Twitter is not the place for lengthy stories or updates. Your tweets are limited to a maximum length of 140 characters, which encourages short, snappy messages and updates.

If you have something long to say you can simply use Twitter to share a link to content on your website or elsewhere on the web. Bloggers, journalists and news websites will often use Twitter to make their followers aware of a new story or article on their website.


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