Add Alcohol Free Wine to the Menu

Many people who enjoy wine find themselves unable to continue to drink it due to health reasons or complications that can result from the mixing of alcohol and prescription medications. Others are either unable to consume wine or choose not to as a result of religious convictions, personal choices, and dietary restrictions. Regardless of the reason for avoiding alcohol, alcohol free wine can be a perfect replacement. best alcohol-free wines

Alcohol free wine is produced by a few manufacturers. Some make normal wine and then remove the alcohol from it through a complex process. Others produce wine which is never allowed to go through the fermentation process that results wine’s alcohol content. Among these manufacturers are producers in both the United States and the United Kingdom. When first in production non-alcohol was usually quite simple and plain, often taking the form of a plain grape juice-like wine or a simple alcohol free champagne. The industry has blossomed however, and many varieties of wine have been added to the production lines of these manufacturers.
Champagne and Sparkling wines are still a big hit for celebrating special occasions with under-aged party guests. Premium Red wine, White Zinfandel, Chardonnay, Merlot, and Riesling are also popular non-alcoholic wines.

These wines can be perfect for serving at dinner with the family, allowing children to partake in yummy libations along with the rest of the family. They are also well suited for a variety of party settlings. The use of non-alcoholic wines can be is very popular for celebrations thrown in honor of under-aged individuals. Graduations, championships, the awarding of scholarships, and other events can be classy with wine added to the menu. Special dishes prepared with wine can also benefit from the use of alcohol free varieties. While the flavor of the dish may not be exactly the same as when prepared with alcohol, you can still achieve a fine meal by using alcohol free wines in your preparation.

As the host of a party or social event, you should consider offering a variety of drinks. Many of your guests are either unable or not interested in consuming alcohol. Those who either cannot or choose not to drink alcohol will have the option of having an alcohol free wine instead. For many, this is a welcomed change from the standard fare of soda or bottled water.



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