Calculating the Cost of Waterproofing a Basement

Clogging, leakage and accumulation of water are just some of the serious problems that are typically present in the basements of most houses these days. Thus, it is necessary for every homeowner to maintain and check their basements from time to time. They might also need to perform minor or major repairs every once in a while. Eventually, there should be a permanent basement waterproofing mechanism available and installed. Basement waterproofing does not only involve applying a waterproofing material or compound, such as waterproof paint in the basement walls. You would also need a particular mechanism which will assure that water is diverted away from your basement walls.

Waterproofing methods should be done and applied both inside and outside the basement walls. This makes the cost of waterproofing a basement dependent on two major factors, which are the external and internal waterproofing methods and measures. The cost of waterproofing a basement  basement waterproofing nj will also vary depending on the size of the house itself, as well as the environment of the location.

External Waterproofing

The main objective of waterproofing the basement from the outside is to redirect the water away from the house’s walls and foundations. A French drain is known as the best solution available for diverting water away. A French drain is very easy to install. You can do this yourself or you may choose to hire a contractor to do it professionally. You can check out how-to articles that are widely available online to learn more about French drain.

The cost of the French drain will depend on how long the drain is. If you wish to save more, you can choose to just install it yourself or you may help the contractor to save on labor costs.

Moreover, you should also make it a point to check on water clogging that may be present in your property. Water clogged gardens and yards typically lead to vast water leakage damage in the house’s basement because the water might eventually flow down towards the basement. Taking care of water clogging is also another cause of expense.

Internal Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing from the inside is also important. Internal waterproofing is best done by painting the walls with waterproof paint accompanied by a coat of waterproof primer. However, before applying waterproof paint in the basement walls, you should first check for cracks and gaps. Ensure that these gaps are taken care of by filling them in with concrete and waterproof compound. The cost of the materials used in the internal waterproofing will eventually become a factor in the overall cost of waterproofing a basement.


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