Clean Pet Accidents With These Carpet Cleaning Tips

Animals are great, especially when they serve as pets. Some people can hardly do without pets. Some people go as far as setting up special places in their homes for their pets. Such places are sometimes carpeted and therefore need constant cleaning so as not to bring about an unhealthy living environment. It is common knowledge that when a cat or dog urinates on a carpet the stench is unbearable. It is true that a house with either a cat or a dog will bring love and harmony; however, they are not always so good to live with. Carpet cleaning with pets in the house is not always easy. The best way to keep healthy and clean is to use professional carpet cleaning services.

Indeed, there are a few tips you could use when it comes to cleaning up the mess left behind by these pets. You will only need three very available things in your kitchen which are baking soda, water and vinegar to do away with the horrible stench. The best tip is for you to act immediately the spill occurs. This guarantees the most reliable and environmentally friendly cleaning method. commercial cleaning services kitchener

· The initial tip would be to purchase a few paper towels and use them to blot out any urine that gets on the carpet as the stench is not very easy to stand.

· The next thing would be to mix a cleaning solution for your carpet and store this solution in a spray bottle that is no longer in use.

· This instant cleaning carpet solution should be applied to the stain and blotted with paper towel until completely dried out.

· You should also sprinkle a few hands of baking soda on the fresh urine and leave it for the night to dry off.

· The next morning you will need to use your vacuum cleaner over the area that was sprinkled with baking soda the night before.

For your carpet cleaning needs, baking soda and vinegar are the most important things to have at arm’s reach. This is because they could be used to clean up a lot of things, not only the carpet. The kitchen and/or the bathroom are places where baking soda-vinegar solutions could be used effectively.

It is very easy to clean an area of the carpet that has been stained; however, complete carpet cleaning is no walk in the park. Such cleaning should and must be left for the professional cleaner. Any unprofessional handling of the carpet is likely to destroy your carpet and make it difficult to maintain.


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