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If we look for advanced countertops then, countertops in Columbus is known for its distinctive surface features that it conveys to users. It has always been one of the leading Granite, Marble, Quartzite, Quartz, Corian & Laminate countertop fabricators in Ohio. Along with changing the time the tastes of people also change in all spheres of life. In the fashion world, home design is a very important aspect. Years to come home design will keep on changing to look it more and more beautiful at all points of time. It becomes very important to select the right material for bathroom and kitchen countertop as the beauty of the home must be kept alive.

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Granite Countertops

Among the available countertops, Granite appears to be the most attractive and valuable for use in the kitchen. Granite is a natural stone and remarkably strong. These are among the most costly countertops.

Quartz Countertops

In order to show the difference between natural stone, the Quartz Countertops have also been named as Engineered Stone Countertops. These are made from the high concentration of a natural substance; quartz crystals. The concentration is approximately 93%. Its manufacturing process comes up with a wide range of colors than other natural stones. Due to its finished engineered stone, it gives a luxurious appeal which has a depth that can’t be with other solid surface materials.

Laminate Countertops

The Laminate countertops are very popular for kitchens and bathrooms. The range of colors and designs of these countertops are very wide. These are also available in a reasonable cost. However, it is seen that Detroit countertops are one of the premier fabricator of granite as well as quartz.

Marble Countertops

For kitchen and bathroom marble is one of the most beautiful countertops. These can be easily counted in the elite category.

Limestone countertops

This is a very soft stone and can be easily scratched and cut. But it is heat resistant. It is porous that allows it to be stained. It is a beautiful looking countertop because of minimal veining.


Marbles and granites are very popular choices for the kitchen and bathroom countertops.

These are available in wide variety of colors and designs. These are also available pre-fabricated.

These are beautiful and durable and impenetrable to stains or any other liquid. The kitchen can be designed according to one’s choice with some creative ideas.


There is another thing that can be mentioned here. Apart from the color and the surface, some decorative elements may also be considered for look and construction of the backsplash. The edge may be rounded, slanted or some other shape depending upon the durability and the cost of the countertops. However, the durability winner is always quartz which is a man-nature combo countertop designed with a combination of resin to produce solid colors to the look of real granite. They will look like a beat of natural stone in toughness. Quartz is known to be an indestructible material under normal kitchen prep conditions.

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