The Only Constant Is Change 


With countless great travels occurring from November 6 to November 8, the New Moon in Scorpio on November 7 becomes quite possibly the main New Moons of the year. 


Maybe THE main New Moon of the year. Some monstrous parts in your life are concluding, and some enormous new sections will start.  scorpio zodiac sign


The New Moon accompanies BIG planetary shifts: 


The North Node moves into Cancer, and the South Node moves into Capricorn without precedent for a very long time. 


Jupiter moves into Sagittarius without precedent for a very long time. 


Uranus moves once again into Aries for four additional months. That is your last opportunity to exploit Uranus in Aries energy. The following possibility will come in 84 years. 


That is a ton of progress, right? Scorpio is a fixed sign, and fixed signs are not that attached to change. However, Scorpio is genuinely tough. At this moment, it’s nothing that you can’t deal with. 


May There Be Healing 


At the hour of the New Moon, Jupiter is at 29°’49’ Scorpio. It’s been a long, turbulent excursion of healing with Jupiter in Scorpio. Jupiter in Scorpio uncovered debasement and maltreatment of force. After Jupiter in Scorpio, the world won’t ever go back again. 


Also, how does Jupiter end his travel in Scorpio? With an awesome Grand Water Trine with North Node in Cancer and Chiron in Pisces. I can’t think about a more wonderful note to end Jupiter’s travel in Scorpio. The stupendous ternary is tied in with healing. 


Indeed, it’s been difficult. However, presently the work is finished. We are prepared to continue. Jupiter is currently prepared for the experience of a lifetime. On November eighth, Jupiter moves into Sagittarius, his home sign, and you also are prepared for another story. 


The New Moon is at 15° Scorpio. 15° of a fixed sign is the midpoint between a solstice and an equinox. You are currently at a junction, and it’s an ideal opportunity to take responsibility. Would you like to continue onward, or do you surrender? 


“It’s not the most grounded of the species that endure, yet the one generally receptive to change” – C. Darwin. 


Higher Forces At Play 


If this New Moon feels like difficulty, dread not. The New Moon in Scorpio makes two beautiful viewpoints with different planets: a sextile to Pluto (the New Moon ruler) and a ternary to Neptune. These are positive, supporting viewpoints. 


Neptune and Pluto are the farthest planets in our solar framework. The farther a planet, the more grounded the draw of destiny, and the more noteworthy the potential for amazing quality. 


At the present moment, there are higher powers at play. This is a Divine mediation of the greatest request. Acknowledge this assistance, and afterward, move onto the following part of your life.



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