Pork Spring Rolls

Pork Spring Rolls are among the most popular Vietnamese dishes. People who enjoy this traditional dish are treated to “a little bit of luxury” that can also be stuffed with crab, shrimp or beef. Pork is the least expensive meat in Vietnam. The black pigs grow quickly and are easy to raise because they only need be fed the household’s leftovers. Even in the suburbs, people may raise a few pigs to be sold eventually. Spring rolls are always wrapped with rice paper made of rice flour, salt and water, and then cooked like crepes and dried. pasture raised pork

The best spring rolls remain crisp when cooked. The Viet­namese know exactly where to get the best rice paper in their neighborhood. Outside of Vietnam, you can ensure a certain crispiness by moistening the rice paper with a mixture of beer and water before filling the rolls and frying them. The Viet­namese use small sheets of rice paper for the spring rolls and cut the larger sheets, which they fry and add to salads and rice vermicelli.

These quite nutritious rice noodles are sold in two forms: when they are not used for preparing spring rolls, the thinnest noodles are boiled and then spread out into thin sheets and topped with scallion oil. You can also easily mix them with pork, sauteed beef or grilled shrimp and wrap it all with a lettuce leaf to dip into a sauce. As for the largest noodles, they are cooked like spaghetti and enjoyed with lettuce and nuoc mam, the Vietnamese fermented fish sauce.

When you prepare your spring rolls, it is important to reinforce them by using two triangular-shaped rice sheets to form the outer layer. After moistening them, you need to dry them very carefully. Cook the spring rolls the same way you cook French fries: the first frying seals them, and the second gives them a golden-brown color and makes them nice and crisp.

1. Soak the mushrooms in water for 20 minutes. Peel and quarter the carrots and onions, and then put them in a food processor with the raw bean sprouts, noodles and mushrooms. Blend together until the mixture becomes a batter.



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