The Beer Keg Tap – A Simple Device That Brings Your Brew Right to You

The beer keg is mostly seen in parties or picnics especially with your family and friends. People who are really thirsty need a lot of drink so keg is really cost effective and could really save money. A Keg tap is a device that allows you to release the beer into your drinking cup from the keg. It is really not a difficult thing to do, but you must be careful, as beer may be wasted if you are not sure how to do it right. Foam may splash all around you or even on your face. You would see people doing this but it’s not as easy as it looks.

-The main purpose of the keg tap:

The device regulates the release of beer. A lever is used, and through pulling and pressing it, the beer is released. It works by releasing the pressure, which in turn pushes the beer up and into a glass or a container. The Keg tap is technically a switch, and may be an on/off or open/close switch.

-Tips to connect the keg with the tap:

With the beer keg directly in front of you, place it in a steady position for a short while to minimize the foam it creates when pouring. Transporting the keg builds up foam especially when there are too much movement. Let it stay for a while and place the keg where you plan to serve the beer to minimize the foam. Remove the cap or seal because it is harder to tap with these on it. However, the pros do not remove the cap or seal, because well, they are pros, and will not put the beer at risk like you will. So play it safe.

Get the tap and line and connect it with the hole at the top of the keg. There are open slits and a ball bearing when you connect the keg. The ball bearing is the stopper and the slits hold the tap in place. Push the ball bearing down before you do any anything. You will need a little strength to push it down to make way for the beer to flow. Slide the tap in a clockwise motion with a pressure downward. If you don’t have that downward pressure, the pressure will build up within the keg and it will push the tap out of the way. So you need to maintain the down ward pressure or maintain pushing it down as you spin the tap into its place. When it is turned, it is locked. After that, pour a couple of cups of beer right away to discard any foam. portable keg cooler 

-What are the differences between a portable beer keg tap and a traditional keg tap?

In a portable system, it can be tapped with CO2. Kegs receive their pressure in a single unit pump and tap combination, which is called party pump. The beer keg tap is separated from the keg. You need to attach the pump, and the faucet must be opened to release the pressure in the keg. Pumping gives air pressure into the keg, and a push on the lever, which is the tap handle that releases beer.

A “pony keg,” or portable beer keg should be consumed in one day, because the beer loses its flavor once the air is mixed with the beer. Traditional keg taps use an on and off valve. By using this, you are serving by gravity, and there is no air pressure needed. When the valve is used, you simply turn to open or close the keg to get some beer.



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